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The PLPAK for You!

We are proud to introduce our main product the PLPAK. The PLPAK is a software tool for structural analysis of slabs that is based on the boundary element analysis of the shear-deformable plates. The PLPAK introduces a new era to more versatile user interaction with structural analysis. It provides advanced numerical methods for structural analysis of plates with a wide range of multidisciplinary applications. ( Check out our ACI (American Concrete International) paper regarding the PLPAK : "ACI PLPAK")

Discover new modelling possibilities. Realistic Structural Analysis.

  • Import data from CAD and text files.
  • Boundary discretisation, no internal meshing.
  • EHS modelling without iterations [direct solutions].
  • Punching check for irregular and regular columns.
  • Basic and additional reinforcement for slabs.
  • Versatile interface: zooming capabilities on finest details.
  • Export drawings to CAD.
  • Real geometry modelling of all structural members.
  • Complete and informative calculation sheets.
  • Deflection check for irregular spans.
  • AutoCAD detailing for beams and slabs.
  • Exact shape modelling of round regions (slab, piles, openings, etc.).

More About the PLPAK Features

The tool uses the boundary element analysis of the shear-deformable plates. From a simple CAD file to complex models of slabs (with the possibility of adding drop panels) and foundations. The PLPAK facilitates structural modelling and processes whole model creation in a matter of minutes. Harness this powerful tool, which uses the most thorough computation engine in producing results that were never thought achievable! Products of the BE4E solve structural systems using primarily the boundary element method. The earliest of these products was the PLPAK. Motivated by the accurate analysis procedures, several new products were created to serve for a wider range of structural analysis. This includes PLDesign for slab and beam design, and EHSPAK for advanced soil modeling (elastic-half space analysis). Check the features and the documentation from the links below!


Videos of the PLPAK Features


The following video will show how easy it is to import a CAD file and convert it into a complete numerical model in minutes.


This video shows how rapid results are achieved (in 4 minutes in this complicated practical project).


Innovative and accurate techniques in soil structure interaction without iterations.


The illustrious design package and its fast application.


BE4E has analysed and designed manypractical projectsaround the world!