Who we are & What we do

CUFE-BE brings together researchers from many academic institutes in Egypt to support advancement in applied computational modelling using the BEM at Cairo University. Our vision is to see structural and mechanical analysis techniques become more realistic and easier for practising engineers through innovative ideas.

Our Research

Complete Tall Building Analysis & DesignOur research work has both developed new means of designing and analysis of tall buildings. We have a grand portfolio of previously designed commercial and residential buildings. Design and analysis includes:
Superstrucutre analysis and design.
Substructure analysis and design.
BIM translation.
Novel Development of BEM Theory Development in the boundary element method is our main target, and we strive to excel in this field wherever possible in order to solve structural and mechanical problems. Various techniques have been incorporated into our research, and we are constantly enhancing these techniques. Some of the methods and techniques we use are:
Variational formulation for plate bending problems.
Multipole formulation for thick plates.
Analog equation for piezo-electric systems.
Fracture of plates.
Isogeometric BEM formulations.
Multi-layered soil non-linear analysis.
Dynamics of Structures Our research focuses on reaching new benchmarks in linear and non-linear behavior of structures subjected to dynamic and extreme loading (e.g. earthquake and wind loading). Analysis is performed using the boundary element method in order to improve design and resistance of structures under dynamic loading.
BEM in Computing & GPU Computing in PLPAK With HPC (High Performance Computing) now available to scientists and engineers, our group has induced powerful and effective computing methods to our research techniques to utilize new computer architectures. Much faster software, with no data loss compensation, have been developed.
Solar Energy Structures Development in Egypt Our research group has conducted several studies on harnessing the solar radiation that is emitted on to the surface of Egypt from the Sun throughout the year. Almost all zones of Egypt show great potential of solar energy plant development, construction and consistent operation. Our studies so far have tracked the following:
Identifying areas of optimal solar plant construction.
Design of Solar Chimney Plants.