BE4E | Iterative SSI tool

Product Description


The PRECONDITIONED SOIL-FOUNDATION-STRUCTURE INTERACTION (PSSI) is simple but efficient software to couple the analysis of the super-structure over fixed bases (which is traditionally used to be performed in design companies), with the analysis of foundations plates over elastic half space (EHS) to obtain more accurate equivalent supporting spring stiffnesses. Hence an accurate building time periods and consequently lateral loads could be computed. The effectiveness of the PSSI is tested in several numerical examples and projects in terms of number of iterations and scalability besides the accuracy and it shown that PSSI can capture the effect of the Foundation-Soil flexibility effectively up to 90% compared to the Full-3D FEM model. PSSI uses a new idea of sub-structuring presented in (A.M. Elmeliegy, Y.F. Rashed 2017) that essentially iteratively condensing the subdomains stiffness matrices. This essentially reduces the total number of the DOFs that needs to iterate on them, hence reducing the total cost of the modeling, computational time and storage compared to the state-of-the-art methods used in practice. For more information and details, see (A.M. Elmeliegy, Y.F. Rashed 2017).

You can download the PSSIPAK tool from the below link:

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More information about the methodology is in this thesis: