Product Description


The PLDesign is a robust design engine that imports results from the PLPAK and produces economic sections in a manner of minutes. It is an easy to use product that helps you visualize straining reactions on slabs and beams, and maneouver into each structural member to add reinforcement steel of your choice. Reinforced concrete members are designed on the three major codes in our region ( ACI, EC, ECP), all available as defaults in the product and could be altered if needed. Once the reinforcement is complete, it could be exported to CAD for viewing or further editing. It has proven to be a reliable consulting tool using the industry standards. Check the manuals and Lectures 3 and 4 for more details.

Basic and additional reinforcement:

The user is capable of inserting the reinforcement in slabs as basic reinforcement, and then the PLDesign shows the places where the additional reinforcement is required according to the selected code (ACI, EC or ECP). The user could select the additional reinforcement regions that need to be designed and the PLDesign will export the result as excel sheets and AutoCAD reinforcement details.

Punching in irregular columns:

An innovative method for checking punching in irregular columns is only available through our software, where the user can draw the primary and secondary critical sections around the irregular column and insert the ACI critical section properties. The PLDesign will analyze the shear stress between the drawn regions. A simple red and blue system is set where if the section is safe all points will be colored blue but if one point is red the section is unsafe.

Check deflection for irregular spans:

The user can check deflection for irregular spans by drawing multiple strips whereas the PLDesign will check the deflection for each strip according to the selected code (ACI, EC or ECP).

Video of PLDesign

The illustrious design package and its fast application.

Special Features

The figures below demonstrate some of the special features only possible through our software.

General Features

Other regular features are:

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