Product Description

Piled raft model

The foundation package is a practical software for foundations. The foundation package is a boundary element software. It presents an accurate analysis of different types of foundations. The foundation package represent the soil accurately to consider the interaction effects with foundations. It can analyze isolated footing, combined footing, strip footing, raft, pile caps, and piled rafts foundations. It also provide both linear and non-linear analysis of piles. The foundation package provide modeling using REVIT software and exporting PLGEN model.

Modelling soil properties accurately has always been a great concern to structural modelers. Now, using the EHSPAK, the modeller can include the elastic half space (soil profile) to the structural model in a one step and without any iterations. The EHSPAK transforms the soil profile into a stiffness matrix that replaces the soil parameters introduced in the PLPAK's 'Soil Support object'. Using the EHSPAK decreases the soil profile modeling time, increases modeling accuracy and leads to more economic (value engineered) results. Check Lecture 5 in Downloads for more details.


  • Boundary element analysis of rafts and piled-rafts
  • Predicts the load-settlement cure of piled rafts
  • GPU solver for large problems
  • No internal discretizations allowing analysis of huge applications
  • Results are plotted along strips, contour maps, and local rectangular and quadrilateral contour maps
  • Load cases, and load combinations
  • Import and export DXF and text files
  • Interface with Autodesk Revit
  • Real geometry modelling for foundation boundaries and drops, piles (circular)
  • Exports result to Excel spreadsheets
  • Analyzes rafts over continuous Winkler springs and elastic half space (Boussinisq, Mindlin, and Stienbrenner)
  • Account for pile-pile, pile-soil interactions using elastic approach or load transfer approach
  • Allows input interaction effects from field measurements (observation models)
  • Models multi-layered soil with and without piles
  • Visualizes the plate in 3D OpenGL mode
  • Computes nonlinear settlement of piles and re-distribute pile loads
  • Nonlinear analysis using hyperbolic model, Newton Raphson, Secant methods
P-PPAK tool for analysis of piled rafts                    EHSPAK tool for analysis of rafts on elastic half space

Videos of FoundPAK

Innovative and accurate techniques in soil structure interaction without iterations.

What is new in our product?

Special Features

The figures below demonstrate some of the special features only possible through our software.

How can Engineer and/or designer benefit from our product?

The foundation package is very helpful for design engineers. Design engineers can easily model any complicated foundations on REVIT and imported to foundation package. They can choose the desired method of analysis for foundations. Also, they can choose the method to consider the layered soil. Using pile editor, users can easily edit the pile lengths and diameters. Concerning results, users can present any result values through contours or strips in slab. Also, designers can easily check the shear stresses in stress concentration zones obviously.


How to be used in teaching?

The foundation package can be used in teaching to understand the structural behavior of different types of foundations. A study about the effect of interactions between soil – pile will be clear using the foundation package. A parametric study on the effect of piles spacing and lengths for piles optimization. A study about providing interaction factors curves for different types of soil.